What is minimalist spirituality?

At its root, minimalist spirituality is about learning to be your own teacher and gaining the confidence to practice your own truth.

Minimalist spirituality is about brushing away the fluff and gate-keeping and learning to access the magic on our own.

In the United States, anyway, I've seen new age spirituality incredibly influenced by the capitalism and money-lust that runs rampant in our culture. You can learn to use tarot if you sign up for a 12-week course and pay $1000. You can get attuned to the Reiki Master Level for only $800 (after you've paid for the lower levels, of course). The importance given to "certifications" and "official" avenues to spirituality has, in my opinion, stripped these practices of much of their power, while making their teachers wealthy and the students poor and lost.

I don't have an issue with paying teachers for their time or pay practitioners for their services. I do, however, find issue with diluting and obfuscating a practice for no other reason than to boost profits.

Adding high price tags, jargon, and long time commitments creates an exclusivity that has no place in the spiritual world. Spiritual connection is for all of us, not only the ones who can afford it.

Did you know that you're already a medium? You only need to practice. Did you know that reading tarot is actually pretty simple and you can start today? Did you know that you don't need a reiki attunement to plug into that power source? In fact, did you know that if you want a reiki atunement you can receive one at a distance for low to no cost? Did you know that you were already born psychic?

All the power you'll ever need is already within you. Through this blog and through my work I want to help you discover that fact. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and try the things I suggest before writing them off.

Remember, if your teacher or guru or master is asking for an exorbitant amount of money before they initiate you to some magic and occult level, pause. That's not the way your spirituality has to be.

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